Four centuries printing history in Estonia

Established in 1633 by a Swedish bookbinder Christoph Reusner

Being the founder of Estonia’s first printing house, Christoph Reusner was awarded with the privileges of Tallinn`s official printer. That privilege was thereafter passed on from generation to generation.

Meritorious legacy of that time`s Reusner printing house were several works which are of great importance in the development of Estonian language and Estonian cultural history. In 1637 the first book in Estonian language was printed here, thereafter the first Estonian grammar textbook, as well as the first printed translations of the New Testament and the Bible into Estonian.

In year 1922 Reusner printing house – then named “Lindforsi pärijad” [The Lindfors Inheritors] – was acquired by the publishing community “Ühiselu” [Communal Life]. The publishing community was nationalized in 1940. Printing house`s activity, however, continued and the Soviet-era products of “Ühiselu” included magazines “Looming”, “Loomingu Raamatukogu”, “Noorus”, “Sotsialistlik Põllumajandus”, newspapers “Sovetskaja Estonia”, “Noorte Hääl” etc.

“Ühiselu” was privatized and in year 2004 merged with the modern printing house Prisma Print. Along with the merger, a bond was created between the centuries of experience and 21st century’s high printing technology. As an expression of gratitude to the founder of the printing house, the activity of the organization continued under the name of Reusner.

Reusner is a privately held independent printing house that does not belong to any media group. We export 90% of our production and we cooperate with many Scandinavian and European publishers, advertising agencies, design firms, and printing houses. We provide service throughout the entire printing process and take full responsibility for the quality of our services. Our wide range of products distinguishes us from other Estonian printing houses. Our strengths lie in flexible and personal service and competitive price level.

Reusner printing house offers almost everything that a modern printing technology allows: advertising printouts and flyers, brochures and magazines, clip and glue binding product catalogues, yearbooks, calendars, maps, atlases – printable is only limited by the imagination of the customer!