About company

Reusner printing house is a symbiosis of long-term traditions and modern printing technology

We are probably the oldest continuously operating printing company in the region of the Baltic Sea. Our establishment dates back by four centuries to year 1633 when a Swedeish bookbinder Christoph Reusner founded the first town and gymnasium printing house in Tallinn.

Modern printing technology, long-standing traditions and compliance with generally accepted standards of quality has enabled us to grow far beyond the borders of Estonia. Today’s Reusner exports 90% of its production to the Scandinavian and European countries which is the best proof of our quality and customer`s satisfaction.

The main products of Reusner are magazines, catalogues, cards, customers’ leaflets, soft cover books and large editorials. We offer to our clients full printing service – starting from the printing of the product and finishing with the transportation of finished products to the desired destination of the customer.